Real People Who Look Exactly Like Bob's Burgers Characters

It’s always a good time to pay your respects to one of the funniest animated comedies in the history television, Bob’s Burgers. And the people in these photos are taking that sentiment to the next level. These are people who look exactly like Bob’s Burgers characters in real life. From Bob to Louise, these are the greatest Bob’s Burgers doppelgangers and lookalikes currently roaming planet Earth. And in the meantime, if someone could start an actual chain of Bob’s Burgers restaurants all over America, everyone would really appreciate it.                                                                                                                                                              

Mr. Frond Meets Michael Bolton

The Real Linda Belcher

Teddy Bears

Tina Time

She Puts Her Bra on One Boob at a Time Like Everyone Else

Louise for Life

Stop Joshing Me

It’s in the Genes

Nana Nana!

I Don’t Appreciate Your Lack of Sarcasm

My Heart Just Pooped Its Pants

American Beauties

A Mean Gene

Bob Belcher, P.I.