Really Tired People Caught Sleeping in Public

It’s not always easy to get a good night’s sleep. Sure, with the perfect bed, in the perfect dark room, at the perfect temperature, anyone can sleep for hours. But it takes true talent to fall asleep like the people on this list. Unfortunately for these folks, the day just proved too long and the bed too far away. These funny sleeping pics prove that if you’re tired enough, the whole world is your pillow. Here you’ll see some of the most hysterical photos of people caught sleeping in public.
From security guards caught sleeping on the job to passed out college kids who couldn’t handle their liquor, these people found out firsthand what it’s like to fall asleep in public. You’ll be amazed at the flexibility and talent involved in some of these creative cat naps.

The World’s Worst Place to Drunkenly Pass Out

The Calmest Sleeper Ever

Why to Be Highly Selective When Recruiting Wingmen

This Will Totally Fool His Teacher

Never Fall Asleep Before Tom Hanks

Why to Always Hide a Spare Key

So Close and Yet So Far Away

Booze Hounds

She’s an Ugly Sleeper

Go Ahead and Nap, Your Dog Will Protect You

Another Late Night at the Office

A New Level of Pillowy Softness

At Least It’s Relatively Clean in There

What? He’s Supposed to Sleep IN His Pants?

Looks Comfortable

The Mummy Returns (to Sleep)

Growing Older Doesn’t Mean Giving up Your Security Blanket

If You’re Gonna Pass Out While Shopping, Make Sure You’re at Bed Bath & Beyond

Maybe He’s Just Undercover as a Sleeping Guy

Hopefull He Doesn’t Wake up Too Fast

Expert Road Trip Naptime Safety

The Opposite of the Princess and the Pea

Never Leaves Home without Her Head Rests

A Very Artistic Sleeping Arrangement

Cat Naps Are Necessary on Wine Wednesdays

That’s Not What Those Poles Are For

The Nightime Beer Run Happened Too Late

Just a Few Feet from the Coffee That Could Have Kept Him Awake

When in Rome…

And You Thought YOUR Wife Was Boring

Better than Drunk Driving, I Guess

It’s Nice and Dark in There

She Played Too Hard