28 MORE Times Rebels Ignored the Rules

Do you consider yourself a first world anarchist who prefers to hang with other mildly rebellious people ignoring the rules? Do you have a hidden wild streak that occasionally rears its head to laugh in the face of arbitrary rules? Well if so then you’ve come to the right place because here you’ll find brazen people ignoring signs and all other manners of chaos! If you found yourself inspired by this list of people risking mild rebuke for disregarding society’s commands, and wanted even more rascally rule-breakers, then get ready for a second dose of somewhat badass rebelliousness.
Below you’ll find a group of kind-of-badasses committing such acts as diving in pools that command against it, stepping on the lawns of strangers even though a sign strictly forbids it, and even entering restricted areas with no shame. Don’t say you weren’t warned and let the chaos begin!

Thousands of Men Declare This Sign Not the Boss of Them

This Brilliant Self-Edit

Vigilante Napper Grandma Snoozes Where She Wants To

This Shameless Flipper Does Not Care

This Guy Drives How He Wants

Anarchy: Nailin’ It

Obedience School Drop Out

No One Puts Stapler in a Corner on the 4th Floor

Oh, Really?

This Kid’s Rebellious Future Is Bright Indeed

…The British Are Coming

The Black Marker Bandit Strikes Again

Behold, the Seeds of Revolution

Very Funny, But Alcohol Is Flammable

Chicks Dig Bad Boys

Goats Can’t Even Read

Feast Your Eyes on This Man’s Brazen Mutiny


This Guy Shows Those Headless Guy Haters What’s What

Someone Lock This Man Up and Throw Away the Key

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Signs

This Revolutionary Reclines Where He Wants

He Didn’t Chose The Thug Life – The Thug Life Chose Him

“Never.” -This Guy

Suck It, Sign!

You Gonna Do Something About It?

Safe to Assume He Ain’t Doin’ Math

Shield Your Eyes!