21 Signs That Have Some Explaining to Do

It appears that signs have had quite enough of our disobedient behavior over the years and they’ve started to revolt. Well, that be a little extreme. It’s more likely that these signs didn’t become sentient, and that these are just funny signs created by humans by accident. They’re sign fails, is the point. Hilarious sign fails that you need to see. From signs that seem like they’re probably important yet fail to convey any information, to other signs that just seem like they shouldn’t have been made in the first place, this list is guaranteed to crack you up
What the Duck?

A Walk to Remember


Getting to the Fart of the Matter

Donald Trump Strikes Again

When Sign Makers Are High as a Kite

Aquaman Can Be so Demanding Sometimes

Meanwhile in Minnesota…

The Other Way to “Get Pumped”

Quit Playing Games with My Language, Bro

Where Epic Pants Parties Happen

No More Neverland

Talk About a Witch Hunt

For Exorcists Only

The English Language Is Getting a Bit Rocky in Colorado

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

You Want a Toke of This Oxygen, Bruh?

Be a Wolf

Only in Australia

Is This Real Life?

Park Your Balls in the Rear