Student ID Card Pictures That Totally Nailed It

Every single time you’re forced to have your picture taken for identification purposes is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to shave your head, wear a funny hat, or channel your innermost derp face. It’s an opportunity to do whatever you want really. It’s up to you to seize the day. It’s up to you to take something that could be boring (someone taking a picture of you) and turn it into something extraordinary (creating a moment that will live forever on the Internet). If you just stand there and take a regular photo, what’s the point? These student IDs are a reflection of this ideology. These students decided to take pictures that would last a lifetime, and the Internet has helped them fulfill that dream. So what will you do when you have to take a photo for your next ID card? Hopefully, after you look at these photos, you’ll know exactly what to do.

The Father of the Mother of All Student IDs

Fear the Wolf

How to Survive in North Central

Jango Unchained

Jeff Who Lives at Home

Dude, Where’s My ID?

So Money

The Carolina Derp

Cool Keith

Nothing But Net

I Mustache You a Question

Unarmed and Extremely Dangerous

You Gotta Hand It to Him

Ninja Please

Way to Go, Evan

All-American Male

The Big Gulp

Another Case of Florida Face

Oh, You!

Meanwhile at Penn State

Sombrero High

Half Off Beard Discount

The Elephant in the Room

Enemy of the State

Emily Is so Over It

Blue Bloods

Mind If I Comb Over?

The Screams of a Thousand Students

Purdue University Shocker

Bitter Beer Face