Surprising and Revealing Photos of World Leaders as Kids

Though you’ve doubtless seen photos of politicians and other world leaders in news articles and history books, have you ever considered that the imagery we have of such figures tends to be limited to specific times in their lives? Ever wonder, for example, what Bill Clinton might have looked like as a kid riding horses in Arkansas, or if a photo of Hitler as a baby might contain any hints of the evil monster he was to become? Well, if so, then you’ve come to the right place, because here we’ve put together a collection of childhood pictures of historical figures before they became the famous figures you’re familiar with.
Here you’ll find everything from pictures of current world leaders as kids to photos of some of the most famous cultural and religious leaders of recent history. Whether the folks in the following pictures ended up affecting the world for better or worse, these photos of them growing up will remind you that neither happened overnight.
So come on in and get a look at a group of leaders you’re probably already familiar with, in a light that you’ve never seen them in before…