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The Funniest, Most On-Point Extra Fabulous Comics Ever

Bite-sized and quick-to-the-draw, Extra Fabulous Comics stem from the mind of Zach Stafford, who began creating comics after his “life turned to garbage and [he] had nothing to live for.” Ironically enough, the Internet lives for Stafford’s comics, a collection of succinctly savage interactions. It would be unfair to the brilliant hilarity on displace to point out funny Extra Fabulous Comic strips; they’re […]

'90s Nostalgia Cool Tattoos

The Best Tattoos Inspired by '90s Pop Culture

Clling all ’90s kids! How much do you really love the decade of Saved by the Bell and *NSync? Sure, you watched Nickelodeon everyday after school and owned a closet full of neon and Nikes. You may have even done the Macarena while eating Dunkaroos. But if you were really a fan of the ‘90s, you’d have […]

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Crazy Things People Actually Got Shaved Into Their Hair

These are people without a hair care in the world. People who decided long ago that normal haircuts just wouldn’t cut it for them. Below is the Internet’s finest collection of funny haircuts and inappropriate things people have shaved into their heads over the years. Some of the designs are kind of dirty, but most of them are […]

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30 Awesome Examples of Cosplay with a Twist

  Sure, Cosplay is awesome, but what makes Cosplay costumes even more awesome is when they’re done with a little twist. Have you always wanted to see Slave Princess Leia versions of Disney princesses? No problem. How about Wolverine combined with Boba Fett? Yup, this picture gallery has that too. And for all of you weirdos who always wanted to […]

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33 Pics Captured With Perfect Timing

It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

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Awesome Outdoor Advertisements

Tired of seeing the same old ads for the same old products? This day in age, it’s easy to feel like you’re surrounded by an old, broken marketing record. Some small towns have even outlawed outdoor billboard marketing to keep their citizens safe from the monotony. So maybe it’s time for a breath of fresh […]

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28 Photos That Will Completely Change Your Perspective

Brace yourself, for there is no turning back once you feast your eyes upon this collection of pictures you can’t unsee. While these previously unseen images managed to keep themselves under wraps for a time, once you see it, it can’t be unseen. Easily the most eye-opening experience the Internet will offer you (today), hopefully these optical […]

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Adorable Pictures of NFL Players Caught Being Dads

NFL players are so tough on the field, always tackling and taking hits. But as you can see from these adorable pictures of NFL players caught being dads, they’re just big ol’ softies when it comes to their kids. After all, NFL players who are dads know what it’s like to be party of an […]

Cool Lifestyle

23 Everyday Things You Can Buy Made of Real Gold

Have you ever been standing in the middle of your living room vacuuming up cat hair and thought, “Man, this moment in my life would be so much better if my vacuum cleaner was made of 24K gold”? Like not all of it – just the parts that are usually metal or plastic. The bag […]

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Jaw-Dropping Pictures Of Things Being Worn Down Over Time

  Pictures of items worn down over the years provide poignant illustrations of the passage of time. On a natural level, eroding geological formations demonstrate how the Earth changes; more personally, before-and-after photos of worn-down objects remind viewers that nothing is permanent. Age comes before physical beauty in the majority of these photos, but that doesn’t make […]