The Best FaZe Clan Members

FaZeUp! Here is a list of FaZe Clan members, ranked from best to worst by fans. If you’re ever wondering who is on FaZe Clan or how to join FaZe Clan, this updated roster should help you. Who is the best FaZe member?

Started in 2010, the FaZe Clan became famous on YouTube with their Call of Duty videos, featuring FaZe YouTubers Banks, Apex, Temperrr, and Rain, who are also the owners and founding members. Soon after, the FaZe Clan transitioned over to eSports, with teams competing in CoD: Ghosts, CoD: Advanced Warfare, and recently, CS:GO. Currently, FaZe Clan also has rosters for Overwatch, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, and FIFA.