The Best Pictures of Food Art

List of the best food art images. Let’s take a look art created not with paint or paper mache, but with items you’d find at your local grocery store. We got food portraits, latte art, carved fruit, and more. Sorry no Subway sandwiches are pictured. We know they’re considered “artisan sandwiches,” but they’re just not what we’re looking for. These pieces of food art are made out of 100% real food. Each one can be eaten, but why would you want to chow down on these artistic food stuffs? When these food artists were told not to play with their food when they were kids it seems that they didn’t listen. We are thankful for that.

Sleeping Bear Omelette

Latte Cat!

Watermelon Gator


Make Room for Wednesday

Pancake Treehouse

Fruit & Veg Swan

Bad Ass Apple

Unleash the Batter!!!


Pancake Pac Man

Good News Everyone, I’ve Invented a Cake

Orange Sisyphus

Curry Pandas

You’re a Sushi Dish, Harry

My Neighbor Totoro’s Rice Balls

Are You the Cake Master?

Nightmare Watermelon

Spiral Art Latte

Breakfast Shoe

Something’s Foam With Jack

Fruit Apple Fruit… No Apples

The One That Bakes

Geometric Watermelon

Open Face Angry Birds

Cheetos O’Brien

Master of Space & Cake

Return of Chocolate Bruno (Bruce Willis)

Cereal Barak Obama, It’s Grrrrreat!

Bill Cosby Jello-Pudding Shots

Chewbacca Noodles

Perfect Square Apples

Brand Tree

Mary Had a Little Lamb Curry & Rice