The Last Tweets of Deceased Celebrities

Before the age of the Internet, famous last words were immortalized in journals, books, and through word of mouth. But now that we document every single moment of our lives on the web, you’re much more likely to find the last words of celebrities right where you’d expect them – on Twitter.
These may not be their official last words, but they are the last public statements these celebrities ever made. Whether or not these stars knew they were about to die, the last tweets of dead celebrities offer snapshots into the final moments of their famous lives.
Some famous people, like Maya Angelou and Leonard Nimoy, left last tweets that perfectly encapsulate their spirits and legacies. Others, like Billy Mays and Reeva Steenkamp (the woman killed by “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius), Tweeted final words that chillingly foreshadowed their doomed futures.
Some of the famous people on this list are celebrities who died unexpectedly, while others took their own lives or suffered long illnesses. Whether these dead celebrities’ last tweets were promoting upcoming shows, making jokes, or sending love to their family members, they’re the last words fans will ever get to read. At least until some distant relative takes over their Twitter account and starts spamming your feed with obnoxious quotes. RIP.

Carrie Fisher

George Michael

Patty Duke

Garry Shandling

Leonard Nimoy

Robin Williams

Elaine Stritch

Billy Mays

Maya Angelou

Harris Wittels

Stuart Scott

Joan Rivers

Paul Walker

Cory Monteith

Roger Ebert

Michael Clarke Duncan

Whitney Houston

Mindy McCready

Amy Winehouse

Elizabeth Taylor

Greg Giraldo

Reeva Steenkamp

Andrew Breitbart

Heavy D