Valentine's Day: Expectation Vs. Reality

No matter how great your significant other is, almost everyone has been disappointed on Valentine’s Day at least once in their lives. Thanks to all the media hype, there’s no way the real V-Day can live up to the expectations we create in our heads. Chocolates, roses, and candlelit dinners may be the norm in movies and on TV, but real Valentine’s Day traditions are usually more obligation than romance.
To make you feel a little better about all those times you spent Valentine’s Day celebrating with The Notebook or a “fancy dinner” at White Castle, we’ve gathered a collection of Valentine’s Day expectation vs. reality photos to assure you that you are not alone in your Valentine’s Day disappointment.
So whether you’re a little nervous about upcoming Valentine’s Day plans or are still trying to get over V-Days past, you can at least find comfort in camaraderie. Although we may not be able to fix whatever disasters have befallen you before, we can offer you the precious reassurance that you’re not alone.

When Your Lover Treats You to a Romantic Meal

When Your Kid Says He Picked You a Flower from Daddy’s Best Friend’s Backyard

When He Says He’s Got the Drinks Covered

When You Press Your Lips to Your True Love

When You Experience a Kiss So Romantic It Brings You to Tears

When You Use Your Talents to Woo Them with Your Epic Literary Skills

When You Hear That Knock at the Door

When He Announces He’s Bringing You Flowers

When He Romances You with a Beautiful, Rosy Bath

When She Swears This Will Be the Best Valentine’s Day Surprise Ever

When He Leaves You a Special Valentine’s Day Surprise

When He Proudly Announces That He Made the Bouquet by Himself

When You Finally Decide to FaceTime the Chick from

When Your Friends Set You Up on a Blind Date with a Guy’s Six-Pack

When You Take Her Out on a Romantic Sunset Cruise

When You Beat the Rush with a Romantic Dinner Reservation

When You Use Pinterest to Cook Him a Special, Manly Breakfast

When You Get That Amazing Gesture That Will Define Your Evening

When You Express Your New Love with a Thoughtful Card

When You Woo Her with Romantic Candles

When You Show Up to Pick Up Your Date

When You Wake Up to a Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Text

When You Share a Romantic Steak Dinner for Two

When He Says He Got You Something Really Special

When He Says He Wants to Kiss You Beneath the Stars

When You Find the Perfect Gift to Describe Your Feelings for Her

When He Promises to Shower You with Decadent Chocolates

When Your Boyfriend Buys You Lingerie

That Awkward Moment When Changing One Little Letter Makes all the Differenence

When You Sway Lovingly in His Arms in the Moonlight

When He Says He’ll Pick You Up