The 29 Funniest Chalkboard Signs Ever

Ohhhhhh...Yeah, Those

My Favorite Soup!

I Don’t Own a Dog, and I’m Short, So…

Real Life Always Loses

I Finally Found A Reason To Go Atheist

I Have to Trade in My Honda for a Human

Looks Like I Need To Find a New Bar

Absolutely Nailed It

Can’t Argue With This Logic

The True Heroes

How About We Start With One-Night Stand

It’s Funny ‘Cuz It’s True

I’m Sending My Meatball Sub to Heaven

No Need to Show Me the Video or Texts

Sign Me Up

Because, Bacon

A Week? I Can’t Go Four Days.

My God That Must Be the Coldest Beer on Earth!

Duh, That’s Why I Got Out Of Bed In The First Place

Do You Know How Silly You Look When You Do This?

I Got The Betes

Gets Me Every Time

This Explains Why Everything I’m Doing Is Wrong

One Reason Is Usually Enough for Me

Please Be Cocaine. Please Be Cocaine. Damn!

Does It Count if I HAVE A Plan B?

Damn, I Wanted Villainy

But….How Do I Swipe Left?

Will You Smile Like That While I Eat You?