The Most Beautiful Full-Figured Women on Earth


After the age of “heroin-chic” in the 1990’s and an increase in “celebrity” and reality TV culture in the early 2000’s, we are now entering an age where beautiful, full figured famous women are more and more common. The famous, voluptuous women on this list are the hottest full figured celebrities, as ranked by the community.
Maybe this recent trend is due to pop culture reflecting an earlier time of bountiful women before plastic surgery and fad diets, what with the success of “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones.” Or maybe it’s culture as a whole embracing naturally shaped beauty with more voluptuous plus sized models and clothing lines.
Whatever the reason, these ladies are hotter than ever. Vote up the hottest full figured famous women on the list below!
These may not be full figured nudes of full figured women, but these hot pics are some of the best you can find compiled anywhere on the net.