Hilarious Puns from the Produce Department

If you’re in the market for puns about fruits and vegetables, this photo gallery can “produce” the goods. Hungry for some vegetable puns? Lettuce show you the way. Or perhaps you’re craving some good, old-fashioned fruit puns. This gallery has plenty of funny fruit name puns that will be the apple of your eye. So without further ado, let’s get this produce wordplay game started. I love you berry much.

24 Carrot Comedy Gold

Mush Ado About Nothing

Grape Expectations

Titanic Vegetable Pun

Head Games

Beets by Dre

Tomatoe Tag

Yam On

A Bit Corny


Just Chili, Baby


Spice of Life

Beet to the Punch

Sweet as Honey

Let it Bean

Quite a Pear

Barack Steady

The Pearfect Storm

Rad Boys

Fit For a King

All in Good Lime

Nice Melons

A Time to Kale

Pear-ish the Thought