26 Awesome Tattoos Inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

That’s right, we’ve collected a set of the coolest, most impressive, and all around greatest tattoos inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. After all, it’s only fitting that the guys who taught a whole generation the names of at least four great Renaissance artists be immortalized in ink of their own. Who knows? Maybe a few of you turtle-loving fanatics have even considered taking the leap and getting your own turtle tat? If so, you’ve come to the right place for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tattoo ideas!

Mikey Is Ready for His Close-Up

This Full Sleeve Turtle Tat Is One Big Blend of Radical

Brooding Raphael Will Make You Introspective

Forget the Half Shell, This Tat Is Full Throttle

This Cowabunga Calf Is as Rad as They Come

This Tat’s Even Got That Weird Floating Brain Dude

No More Mister Nice Turtle

“Hey, Girl. Wanna Come Over for a Drink in My Sewer?”


Mikey Becomes a Spokesman for Steroid Use?

Turtles on a Half Leg. Turtle Power!

Extra Cheese and Heavy on the Awesome

The Top Two Things You Miss About Childhood

These Turtles Look Like They Got a Little Extra Toxic Mutant Goo

A Super Tough Elbow Shell

Get a Load of These Guns

This Tat Just Had a… Breakthrough (See What We Did There?)

Wise Words and Radical Moves

The Man Behind the Mutants

These Aren’t Your Mama’s Ninja Turtles

Who’s Hungry for a Turtle Sandwich?

This Tat’s Bringin’ Cartoon Back

Leonardo Has NEVER Used Steroids…Ever

Full Back Turtle Action

Mikey Becomes a Spokesman for Regularly Brushing Your Chompers

Leo Gets Featured in a “Celebrities Who Have Not Aged Well” Article

This Little Piggie Said, “Cowabunga!”