31 People Caught Cheating on Facebook

As everyone knows, the innovations of modern technology have increased the average person’s access to information in more ways than one. These days, the Internet provides easily accessible knowledge on topics such as art, literature, and science to millions of people each day. Unfortunately for some of the sleazier among us however, the rise of social media has made information on our personal lives far more accessible than ever before. So it may come as no surprise that the number of people caught cheating on Facebook these days is not nearly as low and most of us would hope.  Here is a tragic collection of not so stealthy cheaters whose own stupidity proved far more effective in revealing their infidelity than any private eye. So get ready to get a cold, hard walk down the Facebook hall of shame as you get a load of these cheaters caught in the act. You’ll see some of the stupidest ways people get caught cheating on Facebook such as the accidental wall post or the multi-lover meeting. Rest assured however, you’ll also see some of the most epic acts of revenge ever played out by jilted lovers, many of whom discovered their cheating partner’s profile left unguarded and open for the hacking.

Busted in The Bedroom!

Sympathy Garnering = Fail

Rob Meets Revenge

Somehow Sense This May Remain Unclaimed

The Not So Private Message

Sound Advice

Worst Rebound Ever

The Incognito Confession

The Overseas Deceiver

The Tell Tale Sock

Farmville Fail

The Bed In Breakfast Confession

Way Too Many Js

The Good Samaritan Send Off

The Sam Slam

The Facebook Farewell

The Recovery Derail

Suspicions Are High That This May Not Be David

Epic Awkward Answer

The Martha Mishap

Pop-Up Divorce In 3..2..1

Well That Was Easier Than Expected

Johnny’s Bra Jam

Worst Anniversary Ever

TMI Tony

Karma Thy Name Is Wifey

Diane’s Epic Dump

This Absolute Gem from Whythenshaw


Well At Least He Made It…


The New Bro Break-Up


The Final Word of Advice