The Worst Facebook PDA Posts

You know those couples who always seem to feel the need to make sure everyone on their Facebook list knows exactly how into each other they are? Perhaps you yourself have even been accused of participating in an obnoxious level of Facebook PDA?  We’ve all had those friends who, for whatever reason, seem so thrilled to be in a relationship that they just can’t let it go. Here’s a collection of some of the worst of the worst. These couples are so into their own relationships that they don’t seem to notice the abnormal amount of nausea they’re inciting in those around them.
Among the couples here, you’ll find some of the worst Facebook PDA offenders of all time: the borderline stalker, the inappropriately young lover, and yes, even the dreaded pet-name calling couple. You’ll bask in the all the horrors the age of modern romance has to offer as you get a glimpse into the world of wireless codependency and virtual versions of true love.
You’ll see couples out to defy whatever odds stand in the way of their infatuation, whether it’s restraining orders, wives, or the fact that they happen to be 13 years old. You’ll also see couples who blindly took the plunge and celebrated each other through the art of the tattoo. After all, nothing says “Happy one month anniversary!” like his and her arm ink. So come on in and get ready to watch the horrors unfold and celebrate the most clueless couples ever to grace the realms of social media.

Codependency. Nailing It.

We’re With Rickie On This One

Love Has No Time For Details

What Bobby Said

Love At Its Blindest

Nothing Like a Pesky Wife To Ruin A Good Thing

The PDA That Wasn’t

Taking a Hint = Epic Fail.

Love Knows No Priorities

The PDA Profile Picture

Killer Arguement For Smoke Signals

Guess It Was a Sign?

A Rose By…Any Name Really….

There’s a Thought

Best “Get Out Of PDA” Excuse Ever

Bet You Can’t Guess Who the Poet Is In This Relationship

PDA: Gamer Edition

True Dat

Seriously. Stop.

Love Knows No Spelling Errors

Ah, Inappropriately Young Love…

So Much For That Arguement

Cause Nothing Says True Love Like Assault With A Deadly Weapon

Romeo and Juliet 2015

‘Romantic’ Isn’t Exactly The Word We Would’ve Used…

We Would Have Taken Your Word For It

The Anniversary Ink That Never Ends

And They Say Chivalry’s Dead

Cuz “Taking It Slow” Is So “Yesterday”

Warning: Now Entering Flaming Hug Phase

Can’t Wait To See What They Have Planned For The 6 Month Mark

Hell Yeah! WOOOOO!!!!

You Can Almost See His Manliness Vaporizing With Each Reply

Restraining Order Waiting To Happen