The Worst Mom Tattoos

“M is for the many things she gave me, o is for…” Oh, no… that is the worst mom tattoo we’ve ever seen! These mom tattoos, tattoos honoring moms, and mom memorial tattoos were probably well intended, but are some of the absolute worst tattoo designs we’ve ever come across. As far as mom tattoos ideas go, these should have all been reconsidered long before the ink ever met the skin.

Tattoos are generally a forever thing, so when you’re searching for good mom tattoo ideas and a tattoo artist to commemorate your mom, really do your homework. Also be sure to ask yourself, “do I want this glorified M&M ad on my back forever, even though mom sure loved a sweet treat?” The answer is most likely no, and you’ll save yourself years of regret.

However, if you simply must get a mom tattoo, make sure you spring for something high quality, free of tattoo spelling errors, and a tattoo design that won’t frighten any of your own kids. After all, your mom probably just wants what’s best for you, and rarely does a neck tattoo qualify, no matter how sincere the message.  

The Artist Approached This Tattoo from a Different…

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MoM’s Give You Strength

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Mom Always Did Love Wearing Too Much Blush

Mom Was Proud of Her Pez Collection

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His Parents Were Always Drunk on Monster Energy Drink

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World’s Greatest Mom Makes for the World’s Worst Tattoo

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World’s Greatest Pringle Mom

Tramp Stamps and Parents Don’t Mix

What’s Happened to Mom and Dad’s Faces?

Zombie Mom Will Eat Your Brain

Your Mom’s Heart on His Sleeve

A Face Only A Bad Artist Could Love

Maybe Mom Was a Chemist?

It’s Not So Much the Design as it Is the Placement

What’s a Monther?

Quit Clowning Around, Mom

So, Jesus Was This Person’s Mom?

Wearing Mom Close His Heart

The Mother of All Bad Tattoos

Mama Didn’t Raise No Dummy… or Did She?

How Do You Really Feel?

When Photographs Aren’t Enough

Not Down to a Fine Art