The Worst NFL Fan Tattoos Ever

Who doesn’t love football?! Football is the best. It’s the greatest of the great American traditions. And it is worth celebrating. The best thing about football is, of course, the fans. And this list is all about the absolute insanity that is NFL fandom. This is a photo gallery dedicated to people who took their love for NFL teams, or players, a little too far. These are people who got the worst NFL tattoos ever. To call these tattoos awful or bad doesn’t even do them justice. Even if you’re not a fan of football, you can’t help but enjoy these mind-boggling NFL fan tattoos FAILs


The Face of the Raiders

Total Head Case

Centaur Tebow

Super Bowl Chump

Unitas One

Fudge Packers

CSI: Miami

Meet the Mannings


Taking It Lion Down

How About Them Cowboys Tattoos!

Cowboys Fans Always Have Their Back

Kujo in Cleveland

Pittsburgh Sheelers

You’re Pulling My Leg, Right?

Favre and Away

Code Red

These Lips Were Made For 49ers