The Worst Political Slogans Ever

Politics can be boring. Sometimes politics can just be too much for people. There is always a lot on the line during each and every election and it seems to most people that no matter what anyone promises or does, nothing really ever gets accomplished. It’s a vicious cycle. But, this list is here to save the day! Sometimes politics can be fun. Sometimes it can be entertaining. That’s why this collection of funny campaign slogans exists. You won’t believe that these are actually real. Actual politicians running for office used these slogans. So, take a look! Be sure to vote up the ones that you think are the funniest of the funny political slogans.

Total Dick Move

It’s Nothing to Be Proud of, Harry

A Soft Stance on the Issues

Dream On

He’s Way Better Than Politicians Who Don’t Do Stuff

A Candidate with Confidence

All Nuts, No Glory

Dat Slogan

Cox and Cock

Come Again?

Family Matters

Meanwhile in the South

He’s Cashews Too!

Dude… Phrasing!


Eh, Good Enough

A Hole New Ballgame

Got Any Other Ideas?

Word Up, Ken