YouTube Prank Vs. Prank Videos

The best videos on the YouTube channel Prank vs. Prank, ranked by fans and updated regularly. Real life couple Jesse and Jeana keep their relationship strong by continuously pranking each other and filming it for their popular YouTube channel Prank vs. Prank. These funny videos find Jesse and Jeana messing with each other’s hair and scaring each other with epic pranks. They have even pretended to cheat on one another for their subscriber’s viewing pleasure. So if you want to strengthen your relationship take a page out of the Prank vs. Prank playbook because apparently the couple that pranks together stays together. The PvP channel also has some of the sweetest moments you’ll see in a while because despite the fact that they put each other through hell, they also built a YouTube empire together and somehow manage to share the spotlight and work hand in hand.   Funny videos like “Hot Pepper Extract Prank” and “I’m Pregnant’ Prank” helped Prank vs. Prank earn the title of YouTube’s Best Prankers from USA Today. Some more recent classics include the “Cat Falls Out Window Prank.”

This list of Prank vs. Prank YouTube videos includes not only their older stuff, but some of the newest videos that just came out on the Prank vs. Prank YouTube channel as well. These are the top Prank vs. Prank videos according to you, so if we’re missing a good Prank vs. Prank vid then feel free to add it to the list.